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DPSSA and EPSSA honours are awarded for achievement by PSSA members in South African and International Salons as per the Rules (see rules under the Salon>EPSSA Honours tab)

They are awarded as follows –

DPSSA  125 Acceptances                                                                                                  
EPSSA  500 Acceptances    
EPSSA(Cls)  750 Acceptances    
EPSSA(Mille)  1000 Acceptances    
EPSSA(Mille-Premium) 1350 Acceptances    
EPSSA(Mille-Platinum)  1750 Acceptances                        

2013                                       Honours                                                                                                                                   
Amy Ansell EPSSA(Mille)    
Amy Ansell EPSSA(Cls)    
Reg Ansell EPSSA(Cls)    
John Coumbias EPSSA(Cls)    
Evelyn Gibson  EPSSA(Cls)    
Ernest Arnold EPSSA    
John Coumbias EPSSA    
Laetitia Kenny EPSSA    
Koot Marias EPSSA    
Francois Roux EPSSA