Winner Nature: Canada
Winner Open:  Canada
Winner Monochrome:  Australia
Winner Our Country:  Canada

Overall Winner Canada 5396
2nd Place Australia 4964
3rd Place New Zealand 4856
4th Place South Africa 4817


Nature:  Kobie Rautenbach from AFO Photography Club with "Flying Mammal"

4 Nations Nature Honorary Mention   Flying Mammal   Kobie Rautenbach

Nature:  Johan Jordaan from Bloemfontein Fotoklub with "Vossie met Muis"

4 Nations Nature Honorary Mention   Vossie met Muis   Johan Jordaan

Open:  Alexius van der Westhuizen from Southern Suburbs Camera Club with "Lerena vs Bolanti"

4 Nations Open Honorary Mention   Lerena vs Bolonti   Alexius van der Westhuizen

Monochrome:  Jacques du Toit from West Rand Photographic Club with "Lady in Waiting"

4 Nations Monochrome   Lady in Waiting   Jacques du Toit