Impala Trophy(ies) are awarded annually to the fully paid-up member(s) of PSSA gaining the greatest number of points in each of these mediums:

- Projected Digital Images (PDI),

- Prints and

- Audio Visual

Affiliate members do not qualify to participate.

The year will run from 1 July to 30 June each year and the award will be made at the annual PSSA national congress.

Impala points will be gained on national and international salons approved by PSSA and held within the borders of South Africa.


The point system will be:

Award  National Salon    International Salon
Acceptance 1 2
COM/other Club awards
2 3
PSSA Bronze or Club Medal

PSSA Silver Medal 4
(category winner)
PSSA Gold Medal n/a 6
(category winner)


Judging points:

Judges will be credited with the following points:

- PDI:   4 points per category (4 images per category)

- Prints:   6 points per category (6 prints per category)
(points are equal to the maximum possible number of acceptances by an entrant, per the category judged)

- Audio Visual:  Minimum 2 points per salon but calculated on the average entry as follows:

Salons use various criteria to limit entries either by number or time or a combination thereof. The judging point for AVs in lieu of acceptances will be equal to the rounded average of number of AVs per entrant entered in the salon e.g. 36 sequences entered by 16 authors = 2.25 -> 2 points


Acceptance points versus Judging points:

No person is eligible to win the Impala Trophy on judging points alone and no judge/salon director may claim more than his/her total acceptance points in this respect.

Should a judge/salon director not earn any salon acceptances in the medium he/she judged, their judging points will fall away. Similarly, the judging points which exceed the judges’ own acceptances, will also fall away in the final calculation.


Other criteria:

There need to be a minimum of 3 salons each year in each medium before the award is made in that medium.

An image may only be used once in any salon irrespective of the category or of the image being in colour or monochrome or be the image in digital or print. No similar images may be used.

An image is only eligible for a total of 3 acceptances. An image which has been accepted in colour and monochrome forms part of the count of 3 e.g. An image gains a total of 2 colour and 1 mono acceptances = 3 acceptances; the image should now be retired.

A salon permitting a ‘mixed’ category which accepts both colour and monochrome images in the category, will be included in the Impala Open Colour log.



There will be one trophy for each medium.

The Impala trophy for PDI will be awarded to the member with the highest number of points for the three PDI sections combined:

- Colour will have two sections: Open and Nature

- Mono will have one section: Open

In addition to the Impala Trophy for the overall winner in each of the three mediums (PDI, prints and AV), a PSSA Gold medal will be awarded for the top scorer in:

- PDI: Colour Open

- PDI: Colour Nature

- PDI: Mono Open

The 10 highest scorers on the combined PDI Impala log will each receive the Impala Top Ten Award. This will be a certificate.

The highest scorer per club on the combined PDI Impala log, but with at least 10 points, will receive the Club Top Achiever Award; also a certificate.


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