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Closing dates for Honours applications

Twice per annum on 25 January and 25 June


Achieving PSSA Honours is something to be proud of - they are not given away easily but neither are they unattainable.

The Honours Division controls the awards made to members in recognition of a high standard of photographic ability and/or service to PSSA and to photography in general.

It makes recommendations to the Board of Directors for the following awards:

Service Awards

A member may not apply for these awards. Directors, Chairpersons of Divisions and of Clubs may submit nominations and motivations.

a) Meritorious Service awards

b) Club Service awards

c) Lifetime Dedication awards

d) Commitment awards

e) Service medals

f) Service honours

Achievement Honours

Application must be made by the member.

g) Licentiate LPSSA

h) Associate APSSA

i) Expert EPSSA, EPSSA (Cls), EPSSA (Mille)

j) Fellow FPSSA

k) Master MPSSA

Versatility Honours – LPSSA (Vers), APSSA (Vers), FPSSA (Vers) and FPSSA (Dux) may be applied for.

Achievement Awards

Diamond Ratings - in recognition of Salon achievement.

Honorary Awards

A member may not apply for these awards. Nominations must be made through a Director.

k)  Hon PSSA

l)   Hon EPSSA, Hon EPSSA (Mille)

l)   Hon FPSSA

m) Hon MPSSA

"The President's Award"

is awarded at the end of a Presidents term of Service.


PSSA reserves the right to withhold or disqualify any image or application, which is considered to infringe the common laws relating to indecency, plagiarism or copyright.

By virtue of submitting the application the applicant certifies that the images and all elements included therein are his/her own and that no second party can claim authorship of any part of the said image.

Any image or part thereof which might require copyright clearance, such as a photograph of a famous national or international personage, should be so noted and attested to its authenticity by means of a signed statement on the back of the print or in an accompanying statement.

Only one application may be made at a time.

No image, or similar, may be entered in more than one panel at the same time – this includes conversions between mono and colour.

No image, or similar, receiving a credit may be submitted in any further application.

Applicants wanting to apply for additional honours at the same level in the same medium may do so immediately after obtaining their honours.

Applicants wanting to apply for a higher level of honours after obtaining their honours (e.g. after obtaining an APSSA and wanting to apply for a FPSSA) must wait for one judging session before applying, the exception being those members who achieved their honours on their first application.

Submission of a panel for honours implies acceptance of the conditions of application as published in this document and in the relevant PSSA Honours Info Sheets.

Any panel which transgresses the rules in any way whatsoever will be disqualified.

The decision of the judges is final and no correspondence or discussion will be entered into. Applicants failing to abide by these rules are subject to disciplinary action by the Board of Directors.

On achieving honours members are entitled to list the relevant letters after their name so long as they remain full members of PSSA. The protocol for listing honours is that only the highest honour is listed and that it is only listed once. If however a (Vers) or (Dux) is achieved it would also be listed. As the EPSSA is awarded for salon acceptances it is listed even when an equal or higher honour has been achieved. Honorary Honours are listed in addition to and before the achievement honours.

The relevant letters should be listed without punctuation and without any further detail.

A member who has achieved one LPSSA, two APSSA’s and one FPSSA as well as an EPSSA should list their honours as FPSSA, EPSSA

If that same member had also achieved a (Vers) award their honours should be listed as FPSSA, EPSSA, APSSA(Vers).

PSSA, through it's Directors, Executive Committee and Honours and Awards Committees may withdraw any class of membership and award from any individual should the Board feel that the activities and actions of the individual have brought the organisation into discredit in any way whatsoever.

All awards are presented annually at the Honours and Awards banquet which is traditionally the final event of the PSSA Congress. A selection of the successful work is also presented at the annual PSSA Congress.

Detailed information is available in the following Honours Info Sheets and should be read prior to making application.

1. Service Awards

2. Achievement Honours

3. Honorary Honours

4. Mediums for application

5. Categories for application

6. Requirements

7. Practicalities



10. Fees

11. Judging

12. Certificates of Excellence (Youth)


Honours INFO Sheets

Click on the respective white & red pdf icons to open the documents.

General information not to be skipped before reading the documents below - Read this one first! pdf

 1. Service Awards             pdf  5. Categories for application  pdf  9.  MPSSA - Master                 pdf
 2. Achievement Honours     pdf  6. Requirements                  pdf

10. Fees  South African       

       Fees  International           pdf 

 3. Honorary Honours          pdf  7. Practicalities                   pdf  11. Judging & the Credit systempdf
 4. Mediums for application  pdf  8. EPSSA - Expert               pdf  12. Certificates of Excellence    pdf

Honours Application Forms

Click on the Word icons below to download any of the forms

Honours application - PRINTS

Entry is via Photovaultonline. No application forms or numbers are required.

You must please upload your digital files of your prints - these will not be judged but will be used for record keeping purposes.

Your prints must still be delivered as usual - delivery address can be found in the practicalities document.

Honours application form - AV LPSSA doc

Honours application form - AV APSSAdoc

Honours application form - AV FPSSA doc

Honours application form - VERSATILITY doc

Honours application form - APPLIED doc

Honours application form - EPSSA doc

Honours application form - MPSSA doc


Queries regarding any aspect of the Honours Division may be directed to the Chairman:

P.O. Box 5060, Walmer, 6065
Tel: 083 245 2801 
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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