Our October winner is Christiaan Kotze from AFO Fotografieklub who wins with "Liefdeshappie"

 2017.10 01 Christiaan Kotze AFO Photography Club Liefdes Happie

The image of the two bee eaters was shot at Mankwe hide in Pilansberg. There was quite a number of photographers that morning and it was quite a jostling for space when these bee eaters arrived mid morning around 11:08:21 AM

My camera detail is as follows:
Lens (mm): 650.... 400mm f2.8 +1.7 ext
ISO: 1250
Aperture: 10
Shutter: 1/6400
Exp. Comp.: -1.7
Program: Shutter Priority

As these birds are quite nimble and fast I wanted to shoot as fast as possible.  With the compaction of the long lens combination I wanted to have a fair aperture so that my depth of field would be adequate to get the birds and the insects they were eating well and good in focus.  The compaction factor of the long lens combination provided for a good out of focus background with the dry winter grass at the back. I was shooting on Shutter Priority, so that I could control how fast a shutter-speed I could use.  Combining this f10 aperture with a very fast shutter-speed, 1/6400, meant that I needed to up on my ISO, in this case ISO1250, to achieve the correct exposure. On my camera this ISO is still without noticeable noise.

I also deliberately UNDER EXPOSED with my Exp. Comp. dialed down to -1.7 ,this technic allows me to have the whites in the feathers saved and not blow out.  I then edit my frames in camera RAW.
I wanted the tips of the wings also sharp as they were flying into the branch where they were frequently landing hence the very fast shutter-speed.  As it would have it there was a number of them doing the "Love" dance - it was just timing and waiting for the perfect combination of two birds and a meal in one frame.

This male brought the dragonfly to the female and pased it to her as he mounted her in what was but a brief moment.  Total concentration for about 30 minutes and awareness of the repetitions what these birds did made you aware of where they could land on the next incoming landing. There were two trees they frequented.



Our 1st runner-up is Jenny Stilwell from Sandton Photographic Society with "Sunday afternoon in Mabaleng"

2017.10 02 Jenny Stilwell Sandton Photographic Society Sunday Afternoon in Mabaleng


Our 2nd runner-up is Connie Seegers from Springs Photographic Club with "Running from the Fire"

2017.10 03 Connie Seegers Springs Photographic Club Running from the fire


Thank you to the judges.  They were:

Anne d’Oliveira - President PSSA
Francois Roux - 1st Vice President - PSSA
Leon Jacobs - 2nd Vice President - PSSA


Click here for the October 2017 scoresheet for Seniors

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