China 16th art exh results 594


The 16th China International Photographic Art Exhibition received 55637 entries (series/singles) by 10167 photographers from 96 countries and regions.

After precise appraisal by 18 judges from home and abroad, and the one-week online publicity from 30th Jan. to 5th Feb., 638 photos are finally selected (for details, please see the website).

During the notification, the public were active to bring up questions and suggestions related. Based on the feedback, a serious review pertaining to the photos questioned was conducted. And 6 photos were removed because of voluntary discontinuation or violation against the relevant rules of Entry Conditions of the 16th CIPAE.

The opening ceremony of the 16th CIPAE will be held in Zhengzhou, China's Henan Province on May 2016.  

Organizing Committee of 16th China International Photographic Art Exhibition
March 2016


Results of South African participants:

Reg Caldecott - 1 Single photo Acceptance
Robin Du Bois -1 Single photo Acceptance
Carolyn Greathead -2 Single photo Acceptances
Kittie Groenewald - 1 Single photo Acceptance
Ursula Koekemoer - 1 Series of 6 photos
Henk Scheepers - 1 Single photo Acceptance
Aubrey Siebert - 3 Single photo Acceptances
Johann Van der Walt - 1 Series of 6 photos
Hein Waschefort - 3 Single photo Acceptances

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