Newsletters from Bosveld Fotografieklub

Kliek Feb 2017  pdf

Kliek Jan 2017  pdf



Newsletters from Harties Fotografie Studiegroep

Foto Mania Jul 2015  pdf

Foto Mania Jun 2015  pdf

Foto Mania May 2015  pdf



Newsletters from Magalies Foto Fun Club

Magalies Pix April 2014pdf

Magalies Pix March 2014pdf

Magalies Pix February 2014pdf



Newsletters from Midrand Camera Club

Insider Issue 01, July 2015 pdf

Insider Issue 01, May 2015 pdf

Insider Issue 01, Apr 2015 pdf

Insider Issue 01, Mar 2015 pdf



Newsletters from National Photographic Club (NPC)

1st Quarter Issue 2014 pdf



Newsletters from Pretoria Photographic Society (PPS)

E-Flash Oct 2014 pdf

E-Flash Sep 2014 pdf

E-Flash Aug 2014 pdf


or click here for newsletters on the PPS website 


Gauteng North Interclub Results 2015

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