After a much needed looooong break, it is back to the fray.

The year started off with a bang! And not such a good one. Following a power surge, my computer’s power pack blew, in spite of an inverter and surge protect plug. Two weeks later, the same thing happened, only this time, the new power pack as well as the motherboard went. There is absolutely no guarantee that another power surge won’t happen, so I decided to rather opt for a laptop with the same specifications as my desktop. The quote was a shock! Purchasing a new computer will certainly not happen in the near future. I shall simply have to book my time on Roel’s computer. Needless to say, the frustration of not being able to get to recent data is huge. Lesson learned – regularly do your backups!


Good news received from Lorenzo de Francesco, Director of the FIAP AV Service, is that Daleen Engelbrecht’s AV, “Incest”, was included in the AV Collection 5.1. The purpose of the collection is to create a world-historical commemoration of all noteworthy Audio Visuals and to have, at the same time, an idea of developments in technology and content. The collection is an entity that needs to stay alive, because it is representative of the AV world.

FIAP Observers select Audio Visuals according to a selection criteria. The AVs are assessed and the FIAP AV Director, after hearing observers’ opinions, decide which AVs to include in the collection. A catalogue is distributed to authors and organizers. Authors may be approached for the possible use of their work at special shows, such as Dia Sotto le Stelle http://www.diasottolestelle.it/portfolio2016.html. Some of the best Audio Visuals will transport you into a world of colours and sounds - a unique opportunity to see these works. Congratulations Daleen!


After their success in the Trophee de Paris, Anne d’Oliviera and Franz Jesche were approached by Thérèse Coursault, Diaporamiste and Writer, to have their AV, “Silent Cries”, screened at a Gala Evening in Cinéma Jean Marais, Vésinet, France during the 8th Festival of the Image. Entry was free and the audience were treated to an exceptional AV programme. Many people came despite the icy weather. “Silent Cries” received the audience vote. Vésinet Boucle Image and its President Jean-Michel Guéry, thanked Anne and Franz for their remarkable artistic contribution, serving the human cause through informing the public of the abysmal (global) plight of homeless people. The attention and emotion of the public were palpable during the screening. Well done and congratulations Franz Jesche and Anne d’Oliviera for making South Africa proud. I think we can all agree with Thérèse that we would be happy to see more of your work in future.


News from DCCN http://sitedudccn.com/ is that they have put online the 600th Creative AV on their Website, "I have a dream" by Jean-Louis Terran.

The DCCN website consists of 600 AVs (485 French and 115 other languages) freely downloadable. A hundred of them (15%) are directly viewable streaming video, regardless of the computer's operating system (Mac or PC). An average of 860 daily unique visits was recorded (for year 2016).


Mondiavisueel is a collective of professional speakers who make use of multimedia presentations, covering a wide range of topics. Should you find yourself in Holland between now and 14 March 2017, you may wish to attend their shows. More information can be found at http://mondiavisueel.com/


In my last Editorial I reported that there were so very few International Salons this year with FIAP patronage. Well, the scene has changed after enquiring why this is so! Please see the list of AV Salons for more information on closing dates, fees and links under the Salon Scene tab.

Adelaide International AV Festival closes on 31 March 2017. Negotiations for a reduced entry fee for South African entrants failed, but it is nevertheless worthwhile entering this salon.

Trophee de Paris closes on 7 April 2017, and this time round the good news is that they have FIAP patronage.

A Photoreporter 2017 closes on 21 May 2017 and has FIAP patronage. The brochure and entry form will be published shortly.

5th Concorso Internazionale Audiovisivi “Citta di Garda” closes on 10 June 2017. The sequences must have been produced in the last three years (from 2014 included). Reconstructions of older works are not allowed.

35th Città di Garbagnate - A special international AV section will run within the 35th "Città di Garbagnate" Photographic contest (October 6th-7th), a worldwide well-renowned competition for digital and analogue photography. A qualified international jury will judge both competitions. The brochure and entry form will be published shortly.


1st NPC Reg Ansell Memorial AV Salon with PSSA patronage, closes on 25 February 2017. By now AV workers will have received several reminders to please support this Salon. Please see the Salon Scene table under the AV tab for more information. Please note that registration is on-line. Please also ensure that you have proof of payment at hand before going on-line. Dawid Mouton, chairman of this AV Salon, communicated the following, “Regarding the positioning of the proof of payment upload (first thing or last thing to do) our argument was as follows. It is better to find out first thing that proof of payment will be needed rather than completing the registration and then having to leave the form to do an internet transfer and then return to the form. One way or another, entrants have to pay. We hope this makes sense.”


Challenge 3-2-1 is an international contest for short Audio Visuals with a maximum runtime of 3 min. 21 seconds. This short runtime is the "Challenge" for the authors.

Until 2014 the contest was organized by the French photo club Gaphe in Hayange (France), led by Ricardo Zarate. After a two year break the contest is now continued by a German team.

Authors send their AV-sequences to the organizers in Germany by Internet transfer. The organizers will distribute the AVs to various host clubs in several countries for judging. Each host club returns a ranking and the organizers will create a total ranking. The best authors will receive a monetary award.

For rules, brochure and more information, please go to www.challenge321.org

Judging stations:

Judging sessions will take place in different countries. The organizers are awaiting applications for judging an event from a maximum of three stations per country. The Organizing Committee reserves the right to make the selection. Applicants have certain obligations and rights, please consult the attached rules for applicants' obligations and rights.

The organizing team consists of Achim Maier, Matthias Pfister und Klaus Fritzsche (all from Germany).

The closing date is 31 March 2017.


We are delighted to announce that Charles Hulse FRPS AV-EFIAP AV-AAPS from Australia will be our guest speaker at the Ladybrand AV Convention. He is one of the top Australian AV makers with many years of experience in making sequences and talking about the art and craft of AV making. More details will follow during the year but please keep the weekend open. Attendance will unfortunately be limited.

Enquiries: Jeff Morris 082 840 5459. All bookings to: Liezel @ 082 847 2103 This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Charles also had offers from Cape Town, Kleinmond and George to host AV shows. Due to time constraints Charles will not be able to visit the Eastern Cape. More information on his itinerary will follow soon.


We wish all our AV Honours applicants all the best with their applications. Judging will take place during the weekend of 25 – 27 February 2017.

If you need help or advice on any AV-related matters, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Happy AV making!


“You can’t use up creativity, the more you use, the more you have”

– Maya Angelou
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